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Rawle's Resources

Fiona provided slide decks for her two keynotes (Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to STEM Learning) and (How do Students Know They are Learning? Students as Partners in Studying the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning) and a list of resources. She welcomes questions and comments (

  1. SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Lib Guide – by Mindy Thuna
  2. Learning outcomes – sinister sixteen by Potter & Kustra (pdf is on dropbox)
  3. Animation files (request download link by emailing )
  4. Handout on overcoming procrastination from U. of Alberta (pdf is on dropbox)
  5. Threshold Matrix for Biology from the U. of Sydney (pdf is on dropbox)
  6. Concept Inventories – UBD Q4B project
  7. Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning (can download pdf at link below)
  8. Science Teaching Reconsidered: A Handbook (can download pdf at link below)
  9. Make It Stick (available on amazon)
  10. Bad Science (available on amazon)
  11. How Learning Works

Some Papers: